Seth & Chelsey Wilson

yes. i gave in as a new wife and started to blog.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


i have so much respect for my dad and everything he has gone through for me and our family. we have gone through a lot together and lets just say i wasn't a "piece of cake" during my teen years and he got the brunt of it. haha but that makes me love him so much more cause he dealt with me. he is loyal, honest and passionate, he cherishes my mom and treats he so well and to me that is the most important thing. he is a great example of the type of man i want to marry.

thanks for being an awesome dad! i love you.

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has yet to come. Live in the present,
and make it so beauiful that it will be worth remember."
-Ida Scott Taylor

Sunday, March 28, 2010

1. i want to be a mom more than anything.

in life you have many questions, dreams, hopes and disappointments. i have had my share but there is one thing i KNOW i want in life.. and that is to be a mother. im not a hundred percent sure about what career i want to go to, NEVER know what i want for dinner or even what my favorite color is. Lets just say, decisions are not my favorite thing. (i get it from my mom) but i know with everything that i want to be a mom. it is my biggest desire in life. of course every time i tell someone this they give me their wise advise to wait.. and i am.

2. my biggest hero is my mother.

my mom is beautiful, amazing, talented and pure. She has taught me so many things about life, love, happiness, forgiveness and truth. She is the type of woman who would do anything for you and has done more than i even know for me. i love her more than anything on this earth and know that sometimes im not the best at showing it but she truly is the person i look up to the most. thanks for being the most amazing mom!

3. i have always wanted, wished and dreamed about having a nickname.

an exboyfriend of mine use to call me scoot and i loved it... (that relationship lasted a week) haha But dont get me wrong, my step dad has tried to give me one just out of pure kindness to fulfill one of my many dreams.. but "peanut" never stuck.

4. i never capitalize the letter i.

dont ask me why.. i just think it looks better that way. which brings me to my next topic, even though i have passed all english classes with a's and have a teacher as a mother and two best friends who correct me ALL the time, my grammar/spelling is one of my weakest points. so if anything that consists of those two things please, disregard and move on.

5. i have a list of 100 things to do before i die.
thanks to the buried life on mtv, it made me think of what things i wanted to do before i died. I know cliché haha but i will do it even though my best friend makes fun of me for it!

6. my true loves.
.chocolate covered caramel apples. expensive but worth it.

.music//ipod. music can heal a broken heart! my mood can change completely from just one song..

.abbie. my puppy!

.greys anatomy. amazing. enough said..

.quotes.i loveee quotes that mean something to me or motivate me.

.forever21 & target. even though i hate, i mean HATE shopping, these stores makes it bearable.

.football. my love for football really started last season and love everything about it. i love the game! plus its way hot!

7. i am legally changing my last name to my middle name.

i am dropping my last name Smith and using my middle name Hinton for my last name. Most people wouldn't understand but it is something i am doing just for me! I have wanted to do it ever since i was 12 and figured i would just wait till i get married but have recently realized that i want to do a lot of things for me before i settle down and plus why would i wait for a guy to do something.. when i can do it myself :) haha

8. i love my job!

i am so blessed to have my job and to actually like it. my job has taught me so much and has given me a lot of experience!

9. my therapy: puzzles && running.

my mom always says she would rather spend a dollar on a puzzle then 75 dollars on a real therapist haha i know puzzles are pretty nerdy but i guess i have a little nerd in me. when im stressed i loved to run! that doesn't mean im a runner by any means but running clears my head when im really stressed.

10. i LOVE deals.

this includes di shopping, coupons and thrift stores. i don't like shopping but when something i want is on sale then it makes me feel so much better about buying it! example: last season i wanted these shoes but they were 60 bucks (which to me is very expensive because i hate spending money and am very frugal-another thing i get from my mom) when they went on clearance for 30 dollars i was very excited but of course, they didn't have my size. curse size 7s.. most common shoe size. then the other day i was in ross and found the SAME shoe for 12.99! i was very excited haha and believe me.. it makes me love the shoes even more! but this brings on a problem.. i hate when people pay for me! thats why i hate dates. but thats for another day//blog haha


im not going to lie... i probably will never get on this but i decided to do a blog because i have friends/family everywhere around the country!
((4 older brothers & 1 sister consisting of colorado, arizona and louisiana. 12 grandparents all over the place.. i know 12! haha Aunts and uncles in arizona, virginia, utah, idaho, montana, louisiana and mississippi. And considering i lived in three different states in just one year, i have tons of friends i love and miss in mississippi, arizona and all different parts in utah and a best friend in Germany!))

im not too sure how many people will read this but i thought it was a good way to keep everyone updated!